Grow MCO

Millennial Choirs & Orchestras plans to expand to more communities in an effort to offer the MCO experience to more youth and adults across the nation. That said, MCO maintains high standards and expectations from day one, and expansion will only be considered if there is an unquestionably high level of interest in the community. When the MCO founders look at opening a new locale, they consider the following:

  • Is it a community that values the arts?
  • Are there 200–300 children/youth committed to participate in the first season?
  • Are there 150–200 skilled adult singers committed to audition and participate in the Grand Chorus?
  • Are there a sufficient number of skilled instrumentalists interested in participating in the symphony orchestra? 
  • Is there a concert hall or suitable professional performing arts space in or near the community?

To submit a request for MCO to expand to your community, please fill out the form below. One submission per household, please.

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