2024–25 Season

In addition to our traditionally spectacular Christmas concerts, we are excited to announce the Spring 2025 production of Messiah in America, featuring renowned musical trio GENTRI. Watch the announcement here. This fully revised work will be brought to life with new arrangements, energy, creativity, and vision. Messiah in America will transport audiences to the sacred setting of Christ’s visit to the Americas, weaving together music, drama, and spectacle in a Broadway-style show that is both visually stunning and deeply moving.

For this production, all youth and Grand Chorus participants will be fully costumed. This costume will take the place of regular concert attire for the spring production. A costume materials fee of $15 for Young Singers Chorus, Children’s Chorus, and Youth Chorus, and $20 for Concert Choir and Grand Chorus will be assessed at the time of registration. Participants will receive a costume materials packet that will include fabric and a pattern for the costume. They will be responsible for creating the costume from the provided materials. They will also be required to have footwear that complies with requirements that will be provided.

The refund policy for the costume materials fee follows the same refund policy for registration, as noted in the MCO Participant Handbook.

2024 Boston/Palmyra Tour

We are excited to announce our 2024 New England Tour, with performances in the world-renowned Boston Symphony Hall in Boston, MA, and in Palmyra, NY:

  • Wednesday, June 19: evening concert at Boston Symphony Hall
  • Thursday, June 20: matinee and evening concerts at Boston Symphony Hall
  • Saturday, June 22: late afternoon concerts near the Sacred Grove in Palmyra, NY

Tickets for the Boston concerts will go on sale sometime in May. The Palmyra concert will not be ticketed and is free for anyone to attend.

Other FAQs

How do I register myself or my child to participate in MCO?

Go to the Join Us page and select your locale.

If I have more than one youth who would like to participate, do I need to register each of them? 

Yes, each youth must be registered for their own ensemble, even if two of them are in the same ensemble.

I’m having trouble registering. What should I do?

Please contact registration@millennial.org with any registration questions.

When are auditions for the Grand Chorus and/or Symphony Orchestra?

Auditions are generally held in August and January, depending on the location.

What is MCO Across America?

MCO Across America (MCOA) was our remote location, which was discontinued after the 2021–2022 season.