What is MCO Across America?

MCO Across America is our new remote location, open to everyone in the United States and beyond. For our livestream video announcement, click here (full version here). Share it with the world! MCO will be doing incredible, world-class online weekly sessions until COVID restrictions subside. This has allowed us to open to everyone in the United States and beyond. Even when we resume live rehearsals in our five locales, we will very likely continue our remote participants across America and the world. It is so exciting!

When is the start date for all choirs?

Thursday, September 10th

Who can participate in the concert video recording?

If you are registered for one of our regular locales in California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, or Idaho, you may participate in the on-site outdoor filming for the video project. If you are registered for remote participation (MCO Across America), you will be invited to submit one or more video clips of you singing to be included in the video project. Those auditing the Grand Chorus are not eligible to submit video clips.

When are the on-site concert video recording dates for choirs & orchestras? 

Idaho: Friday, October 23

Utah: Saturday, October 24

Texas: Friday, October 30

California: Friday, November 6

Arizona: Saturday, November 7

Will we start meeting in person if COVID restrictions loosen up?

YES! As soon as we feel assured enough that we can do so without being at the mercy of politics and governor mandates that flip-flop week to week. That said, weekly video sessions will continue to be provided for all those who wish to participate online from coast to coast.

What will the weekly sessions cover?
  • Language of Divinity: How to access the Spirit of God through sacred music in a darkening world
  • Promise of America: Understanding how we can remember and respect our great nation
  • Achieving Excellence: Becoming exceptional in a world that celebrates mediocrity and instant gratification
  • and more!

Who are these sessions for?

Weekly sessions are for Young Singers Chorus, Children’s Chorus, Youth Chorus, Concert Choir, and Grand Chorus. There will be different sessions created for each of those ensembles every single week. Each of these ensembles pay tuition/fees to participate.

What about orchestra?

Orchestra participants will receive music to practice and prepare to play a major role in our concert video production. As soon as COVID restrictions subside, we will meet together for rehearsal. Instrumentalists do not pay tuition/fees to participate.

How will I access the weekly sessions?

Each week’s materials will be emailed to you on Thursday. You will receive a link to your ensemble’s video (and the accompanying password), as well as any additional materials the conductors may want to include. There will be a separate video and accompanying email for each ensemble, so if you have family members registered to participate in multiple ensembles, you will receive multiple emails.

How long will I have to view each week’s video?

Each week’s video will be available for two weeks.

What if I don’t receive the weekly email?

Check your spam folder first. Be sure you have checked your settings to allow emails from “noreply@millennial.org.” Consider setting a filter to send all emails from that address to your inbox. Contact registration@millennial.org for further assistance.

If I have more than one youth who would like to participate, do I need to register each of them? 

Yes, each youth must be registered for their own ensemble, even if two of them are in the same ensemble.

Can adults audit the Grand Chorus weekly sessions to take advantage of the music education being offered but not actually be part of the ensemble?

Absolutely! The fee to audit is $100. No audition is required. Please register for the MCO Across America locale. Those who audit will not be eligible to participate in the concert video or other performances (should COVID-19 restrictions be lifted).

What is the MCO composing competition?

Details can be found here.

What attire is required for this semester?

The concert videos will be recorded both in formal concert attire and in our new MCO t-shirt.

Everyone participating in the video recording must purchase the new t-shirt. If the t-shirt ordering deadline (Oct. 1) has passed, those registered for our regular locales (non-remote) who wish to take part in the on-site filming will need to purchase formal concert attire in order to participate in the video recording.

Formal concert attire is required for those who wish to participate in the full video recording project (this does not include remote participants). If you choose not to purchase concert attire, then you may only participate in the filming of the t-shirt portions of the video.

Orchestra will be in both standard concert black and the MCO t-shirt. All instrumentalists will need to purchase the t-shirt as well.

Where do I find information about ordering attire?

T-shirt ordering has now closed. You may still order concert attire. Attire ordering information is located on the Participants Page. (The password will be emailed to you after you register.) General costs can be found on the Participation Information page.

How do I register to participate?

Go to the Join Us page and select your locale.

What about late registration?

Those who register late will not have access to prior weekly sessions. You will also not be able to purchase t-shirts if the ordering deadline has passed. You may still purchase concert attire and participate in the video project, just not the portions filmed in the new MCO t-shirt.

I’m having trouble registering. What should I do?

Please contact registration@millennial.org with any registration questions.