Jenn Erickson

Business & Operations Director

Jenn Erickson has enjoyed working with Millennial Choirs & Orchestras since its establishment in Dallas in 2013. 

Her professional journey began in print journalism before transitioning to higher education publishing. Shortly after leaving publishing to spend more time with her family, Jenn discovered MCO, where she began volunteering in various local positions. 

Starting in 2018 as the logistics coordinator for the New York/Carnegie tour and later taking on the role of Central Youth Choirs Manager, Jenn now oversees operations at MCO. Her current role allows her to interact with MCO orchestra and choir participants across all locales. She is truly grateful for what she learns from the amazing people she is able to interact with in all the locales, and she appreciates the wealth of knowledge and experiences they bring to the organization.

Jenn appreciates the unique opportunity to be a part of an organization that enriches lives through musical experiences. She feels blessed to be a part of MCO, an organization that holds a special place in her and her family’s hearts.