Annette Fairchild, Utah

In MCO I have found not only the musical challenge and fulfillment I sought for in a choir but so much more. I have made many friends, been magnified by the Lord in my efforts, and had my soul expanded through the beauty and spirit of the music and texts of our songs. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be part of such a power for good in this world.

Tom Larsen, Arizona

I have been a participant in many choirs my entire life. All of those groups were excellent and all were a positive experience. However, the best musical experience of my life has easily been MCO. I have learned to be a better sight-reader, a better memorizer, and a better musician. Much more important, however, is the power of the music we rehearse and perform. Good, sacred and patriotic music provides strength, wisdom and testifies of a living God and of Jesus Christ. Adding a talented orchestra with the various choirs plus the devoted conductors recognizing their divine mission is the perfect recipe for thousands of lives to be touched for the better.

Rebecca Fallentine, California

Hearing the youth in MCO perform has convinced me that youth not only can appreciate the music of masters, but they can perform it with accuracy and beauty. As a middle school choir director, singing in MCO has completely transformed my choral instruction. Yes, singing in MCO not only is personally soul-filling for me as a Christian and a musician, but it has given me the vision and skills to pass the love of singing quality music to a generation that desperately needs it!

Brandon J. Burr, Arizona

I may have been in the direct center of the furthest nosebleed row from the stage, yet the magic, nay the majesty, NAY the mesmerizing magnificence engulfed my face song after song; so much so it pulled my heart forward on my seat, lifted my spirit upward, and floated my soul downward onto the railing in front of me in an attempt to simply be a few inches closer to the marvelous sonorities steaming off the lip of the stage. The result? A dozen or so moments of harmonious chills; of sheer happiness; of glossy eyes.

Russell Butler, Utah

We now have nine members of our family who participate. In my experience there is no equal to the amazing opportunity to learn and be uplifted by the inspired and original arrangements and/or compositions by truly gifted individuals whose passion and passion for excellence is second to none. There is no way to overstate the positive influence MCO has been in the lives of our teenage daughter, our grandchildren Continue reading

Argene Richards, Texas

I have been fortunate to be a part of MCO from its beginning ten years ago in Orange County, CA. From the start this choir has been a very important part of my life. The power of the music, the feeling there is when we are all rehearsing together, and the spirit we experience when performing is beyond description.

Natalie Jangula, Idaho

MCO is the most unique, inspirational organization in the Valley, uniting families, musicians and talent to uplift each other and our community. How truly blessed we are to have such an exceptional group come together and sing songs of praise. Weekly rehearsals are spiritually uplifting for all ages involved. Our family can indeed testify of this. MCO is ingeniously created, and once you experience it, you will never look back!

Jennifer Lefler, California

I am also so grateful, in such a violent, divisive world, to know that my children have a chance to unite with others in singing music that matters and get these lyrics racing through their minds all week to strengthen them. I drive 6-8 hours a week to give our family this blessing and although it’s challenging, it fills me with courage to face the difficulties of life. MCO gives me hope that we can make this world a better place.

Sarah Rogers, Arizona ​

Simply put, I LOVE MCO! I LOVE rehearsals. I LOVE performing with my children. I LOVE the professional experience MCO gives me and my children to “perform on the big stage” as my children put it. I LOVE hearing my children sing with confidence. I have a bachelor’s degree in music education with an emphasis in vocal singing. This choir, the whole experience, surpasses everything I did in college. My vocal skills, and my sight reading skills are utilized and elevated every year. I LOVE the dedication, talents, abilities, foresight, and love the directors have for music and for all MCO participants. I LOVE watching rehearsals and taking what I have learned and trying it out on my own students in class.