Bethany Cluff

Youth Choirs Conductor’s Assistant

Bethany began singing with MCO’s Grand Chorus in the fall of 2017 and enjoys the level of excellence attained through hard work and discipline. She loves being a part of an organization that aims to light the world through beautiful Christ-centered music. 

Bethany’s love of choral music has developed throughout the years since her first choir experience at the age of eight. As a singer, accompanist, and assistant director, she has had the opportunity to work with such talented conductors as Rita Scholz, Emily Godfrey, and Aimee Atkinson. She has learned much about teaching youth through her experiences with these directors and appreciates each chance to continue on this path. 

She strives to help others find passion and testimony through song and is often on the lookout for those special moments when a student catches the same vision. She has worked with and accompanied ensembles of all kinds for nearly 30 years and runs a private piano studio, teaching her students to find meaning in their music and to share it with their community. She loves being a part of the team as a Youth Choirs Conductor’s Assistant for Idaho MCO. 

Bethany and her husband, Dwain, are the parents of four awesome kids and reside in Meridian, Idaho.