Nancy Prater
Nancy Prater

Nancy Prater and her husband, Michael, are the parents of four children. She is currently the Youth Choirs Conductor’s Assistant for the Dallas Millennial™ Choirs & Orchestra (DMCO), with whom she has been singing soprano since its start in 2013. She maintains a private voice studio, performs regularly as a soprano, and has been directing various church and community choirs for over ten years.

Mrs. Prater graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University, earning her Bachelor of Music degree in Choral Music Education. During her time at BYU she studied voice under Jennifer Welch-Babidge, Ruth Christensen, and J. Arden Hopkin, and performed in several operas and scenes under the direction of Lawrence Vincent. She also gained experience performing with BYU’s renowned choirs, in recital and oratorio performances, and student teaching at Orem High School with Sterling Keyes. Prior to college she was privileged to study voice with Laura Stevenson, and sing and play trumpet with the award-winning musical ensembles of Birdville High School—in choirs directed by Robert Stovall and Peggy Graff and bands directed by Brian Gibbs, Joe Nuñez, and Paul Heuer. Nancy’s mentors include Paul Broomhead, Rob Dunn, Jean Applonie, Brett Stewart and Joni Jensen.

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