Each Thursday, I join my heart and voice with hundreds of others who, like me, need a refuge from the storms of life. We receive astounding original compositions and arrangements of beloved melodies, and we are trusted to give them life. To work tirelessly each week for the season and then present our audiences with polished and passionate performances… It’s a humbling experience. With each season, I’ve gained an an increase in musicianship, lifelong friendships, added patience and drive, and a greater resolve to be a better person. Yes, the music we learn and perform is inspiring and beautiful to listen to, but MCO is more than music. It’s about members of the community laying aside their differences, coming together and sharing their God-given talents to spread peace to those who are suffering. It’s about exemplifying the love and goodness that is so rare in the world today. It’s about love.

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Jenna Foote, Arizona

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