The MCO vision is to infuse into the spirits of the children and youth a desire for excellence, a love of God and beautiful music. MCO would be nothing special without the kids. Their unique, sweet, innocent sound adds a dimension and perspective to the messages we sing that you just can’t hear in an all-adult choir.

I have never seen two people [Brett Stewart and Brandon Stewart] better equipped to inspire the passion necessary in each and every member of the group to synergize the way we do to make a whole exponentially greater than its parts. They demand excellence. They expect perfection and convey to each member that it is most definitely possible to achieve. They demand work and dedication and each is willing to do it because no one works harder and with more dedication, energy and drive than they do. They have chosen directors to help them in leading each new group who also feel that passion and vision and who also bring their own unique qualities to the organization. When you combine them all they each contribute their own depth to the spirit and the sound. What they are attempting is no small feat but their unity and passion, talent and vision, makes something almost magic. And it all works because of an overarching passion for excellence which always comes back to the mission of giving that passion of the spirit and excellence that they demand from each member of MCO, from the tiny adorable four-year-olds to the wiggly grade-schoolers, to the struggling, uncertain teenagers and the wavering, weary adults who haven’t felt capable of what is expected of them, and yet feeling their directors expect it of them and know they can and so they do! Their passion is contagious! Every note we sing is for God, so how can we allow it to be anything but perfect!

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Jan Butler, Utah

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