Cory Davis, Arizona

MCO establishes an expectation for excellence and lovingly but unabashedly demands it from every participant in every rehearsal and in every performance. Most people in our hypersensitive and politically correct society, especially kids, have never experienced that. Many might shy away from or even fear it. Many, unfortunately, embrace mediocrity. What I have seen in my own and many other children is that they not only respond to a high expectation, but they understand it, appreciate it, and strive for it when it is the loving expectation given to them. Continue reading

Sherry Kettley, California

I have formed wonderful friendships, have increased my music skills immensely, and love the total experience of being part of something so inspiring and uplifting and definitely bigger than all of us. I am inspired by the directors’ unparalleled competence, which makes singing in the Grand Chorus such a wonderful experience. I have never worked so hard perfecting my musical and memorization skills, and when I finally do it, I love the sense of accomplishment. Continue reading

Nancy Prater, Texas

As a professional singer, I could choose to be a part of any number of choirs and ensembles, but I chose MCO because I love that I can both sing with my children and be part of a professional-quality organization. MCO strengthens families and communities, bringing them closer together and closer to God through glorious music. I love that we perform the music of the masters, patriotic anthems, and hymns that testify of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Every rehearsal I am strengthened with my family, and we are united by song. I love it!

Scott Christensen, Utah

MCO is the light that has cut its way through a darkening world. It has changed my outlook on life, and has given me new hope. It is my desire to share this blessing with all who will hear. Not for my own ego, but to share the light and power of this music with those who are in need of being spiritually uplifted, just as I was. Thank you, MCO.

Martha Sharpe, Arizona

MCO is different that anything I’ve ever been involved in. I’ve played with many, many orchestras in the U.S. and around the world. MCO is completely unique in its mission, approach and dedication to bringing music to our communities. With MCO there is testimony built into the music and performance. That testimony carries the music and performance to a new level that connects directly to an audience listener’s soul. Being in MCO isn’t just a “job” in an orchestra. It’s a total physical and spiritual immersion project.

Jason Rivera, Utah

If ever there was a time I felt part of a heavenly host in this life, it is repeatedly at the rehearsals and performances of the Millennial Choirs and Orchestras. Truly it is a highlight of my week for my personal spiritual well-being when I get to participate with other perfectly imperfect people like myself, each of us striving to exemplify the Savior in our lives and stretching our spirits towards perfection through song and music. The music with which many of us are familiar is repainted with renewed vibrant colors and with that, for me, came a refreshed desire to live a better more hallowed life. I dare say the off-season by comparison feels a bit darker without the additional light MCO has given me.

Michael Caldwell, California

In this busy world which fights constantly for our attention in order to keep us from focusing on the eternally important matters, having a place to go during the week where we are united in our faith, and sing inspired music praising our lord and savior is a refreshing and welcomed oasis which reminds me of the eternal matters.

Christopher Gunnell, California

While I sat in the rehearsal room that first night listening to everyone sing, I heard angels sing. I have felt that I have been surrounded by angels throughout the rehearsals and concerts I have participated in. I have truly been blessed to lend my voice to this wonderful organization because I can see the blessings and spiritual strength it brings into my own life. The spiritual messages of each song truly testify of Christ. I find this experience uplifting and it is truly one of the most spiritual moments that I experience each and every week.

Bob Kaufman, Arizona

My participation in EVMCO is the fulfillment of a life-long dream to sing in such a choir. As almost the oldest member in the Grand Chorus, that dream has endured almost 50 years since my days in college! From this association, my love for God, country, music, sacred texts, family, friends, and fellow men has grown more than I ever could have imagined! Since I joined in January 2010, I have had so many awesome, uplifting, inspiring,soul-piercing, pinch-me-to-see-if-I’m-awake moments, I could never begin to name them all. … MCO has blessed my life immeasurably. I LOVE MCO!