Mary Wilde, California

The songs that we sing in MCO create opportunities for the Holy Ghost to testify of truth, to pierce our hearts with the knowledge that God is real, Christ lives, and we are loved. I am grateful for every chance that I have to sing praises to God with so many amazing and talented singers. This organization has changed my life and thus changed the lives of my children. Thank you, MCO!

Spencer Shirley, Idaho

What a blessing it has been to be a part of MCO! From the very first rehearsal I could feel that something was different with this amazing group. All eight of us in our family made the commitment. At times it was a sacrifice, but to hear our five-year-old ‘busy’ boy singing about Mary and Jesus around home made it worth it.

Gayleen Marmarelis, California

I have been a member of the orchestra in Orange County for about 4 years or so. I live a distance away and often as I am preparing to drive to the first rehearsal of every concert, I ask myself, “Why am I doing this? Driving down the 405 in rush hour traffic, to play music?” But, of course, once I get there, I am instantly reminded. The level of talent of the music directors is amazing. The songs and arrangements feel inspired. It is one of the only places where I get to enjoy my passion for music and feel the spirit in the music that we play.

Jenna Foote, Arizona

Each Thursday, I join my heart and voice with hundreds of others who, like me, need a refuge from the storms of life. We receive astounding original compositions and arrangements of beloved melodies, and we are trusted to give them life. To work tirelessly each week for the season and then present our audiences with polished and passionate performances… It’s a humbling experience. With each season, I’ve gained an an increase in musicianship, lifelong friendships, added patience and drive, and a greater resolve to be a better person. Continue reading

Kristy Hall, Texas

I love that as a non-professional musician, I can have a professional-level experience playing in the orchestra and with minimal time commitment. The light rehearsal schedule makes it possible for a busy mother like me with four little ones to fully participate. It has been such a unifying experience for [my entire family] to participate together. It has strengthened us as a family unit and created wonderful traditions and memories that have greatly enriched our lives.