Terry Dickens, California

As a youth, I wanted to be a professional singer and had many opportunities to perform both individually and in significant choirs. Through my life I have sung in many great choirs. None have lifted my soul as MCO has. There are so many benefits to me. The music helps keep me focused spiritually. The exercise of memorizing seems to keep my mind sharp and active. Over the years, my voice has become stronger and my range has slightly expanded. Also, my musical skills have improved as well.

Kira Hawkins, Arizona

At the time EVMCO came to the valley, I had been a young widow for two years and needed a positive, uplifting and worthwhile activity. EVMCO became exactly what I needed. My mother, who watched my children, often expressed her joy in watching me return from rehearsals smiling, happy and rejuvenated. Once my children became old enough to join the choirs, it became a uniting activity. We practice together, sing together and look forward to concert weekends. EVMCO has provided much healing and joy for our family.

Dana Sorenson, Arizona

I have played in many symphony orchestras the past 30 years. It wasn’t until being a part of MCO that I finally LOVE playing. The music and arrangements are amazing to play and the spirit of the music is unlike anything I have ever felt before.

Jan Butler, Utah

The MCO vision is to infuse into the spirits of the children and youth a desire for excellence, a love of God and beautiful music. MCO would be nothing special without the kids. Their unique, sweet, innocent sound adds a dimension and perspective to the messages we sing that you just can’t hear in an all-adult choir. Continue reading

Nicole Smith, Arizona

Singing in MCO is much more than just singing in a choir. I have the opportunity to come together with talented individuals who love music as much as I do. We get to use our talents while we learn brilliant arrangements that glorify our God. The concerts provide us all with the opportunity to testify through song, and I am reassured of the reality of a living, loving Savior every single concert. The spirit is palpable. MCO members and audience alike always walk away with an uplifting experience.

Leah White, Utah

I love how each rehearsal is started with a prayer and the directors really try to invite the Spirit into each rehearsal. You can tell that the music is prayerfully selected and shares the message of Jesus Christ, freedom, peace and love. When my children sing these songs not only at rehearsal but in our home, the Spirit can’t help but be present. I recently went to another local children’s choir concert and walked away thankful that my children sing with MCO instead. Continue reading

Ray and Sharon Snyder, Arizona

The EVMCO experience has enhanced my quality of life. It has stretched me, to be sure, but all during the week and in the early waking hours, the music is frequently going through my mind. It is an honor to associate with and be taught by the finest conductors in the world. My family has participated and been inspired by the beautiful music and the spirit of this organization.

David Shumway, Texas

I marvel at the miracle of Millennial Choirs and Orchestras. The vision, faith, and sacrifice to begin this cause and expand across the country is beyond my comprehension. Come and see, hear, and feel the exquisite spiritual power and musical genius at an upcoming concert. There is nothing like it in all of the world.

Melissa Tyler, Arizona

My story is similar to many of the Grand Chorus participants’ stories. Many dust their voices and instruments off after several years to audition. It is just such a privilege and joy to sing that I don’t take it for granted. It is an experience I hold very close to my heart and offer many prayers of gratitude for every day. I participate in the Grand Chorus and serve as a volunteer as the Managing Director for EVMCO. My father, four sisters, two brothers, and a brother-in-law are all in EVMCO’s Grand Chorus as well. Continue reading

Lindsay Jensen, Arizona

Soon after I began singing with MCO, I realized that I had totally disconnected from myself. I thought that the depression and anxiety I experienced was who I was and was something I would have for the rest of my life. Through the years of singing with MCO, I have been slowly but consistently lifted to a higher plane as I have discovered my true self. I am grateful for the healing that has come through music and through singing with MCO. As each semester begins and I see the familiar faces of the musicians, parents, and volunteers, I feel that I coming home.